What is a counterbalance truck?

A counterbalance truck is the most well-known sort of truck around and speaks to the picture a great many people intuitively consider while envisioning a forklift. The forks stand out from the front of the vehicle and there are no projecting arms or legs; which means the truck can be moved up near the racking or area of the heap. In this way, no achieve office is vital and the truck works in a generally clear manner. The name of this truck gets from its outline as an extensive stabilizer is set at the back of the truck to off-set the heap being lifted towards the front. Electric controlled offset trucks can work with a littler stabilizer as the battery is very profound as well.

Advantages of counterbalance truck

This sort of forklift truck can be controlled with gas, electric or diesel. Many models additionally include a pole tilt office, side shifts and driver's taxi. This type of reach truck can be used in wide scope, grade ability increased. Can be used with double side’s pallet. Min. height of the fork can reach 50mm or lower. Self-weight too heavy. Min turning radius is too long and not suitable for narrow space.

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